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FOX 21 NEWS – Hail repair shops: Know the good from the bad


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – After the two most recent hail storms hit southern Colorado, auto body shops are being backed up for months.

Now, car owners are racing to find other means to repair their cars, some even turning to pop-up tents seen around town.

Experts say not all tents are bad options to choose for repairs, but it’s important to know the good from the bad.

“This is a wakeup call that we need to be insurance ready, especially throughout the summer months when we are in peak hail season; to know what your insurance is, know what your deductible is, know how you’re covered,” Carole Walker, Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association, said.

Hail Solutions has three tents set up across southern Colorado, and works with most insurances.

“We have three local body shops that work with us,” Hail Solutions regional manager Jackie Hout said. “They even warranty our work when we leave.”

According to Walker, it’s important that your insurance is included in every repair process, because scammers can quickly take advantage of you.

“Just make sure that you get everything in writing, you have a contract with them, and that you’re not giving them cash up front,” Walker said.

As for when your insurance cuts you a check, Hail Solutions said fix your car right away, or you could be out of luck the next time a storm hits.

“Say it’s $3,000 worth of damage, say it hails again, like it did recently, and you don’t have proof that you’ve fixed it, the insurance will automatically deduct $3,000 from that check,” Hout said. “So now, not only do you have your deductible to pay, but now you have an additional $3,000 you have to cover out of your pocket.”

The Better Business Bureau also warns against high pressure sales and feeling forced into making an on-the-spot decision. The BBB said you should contact your insurance company, and ask for identification from the repair shop.

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